At GSC Trading we have been supplying our customers with sound systems for the past 40 years. We specialize in unique equipment that is utilised for Public Address Systems for internal and external public events, concerts, theatrical events, pageants and other such events requiring amplified sound.


We have also expanded our services to include Electronic Bell ringing equipment that offer automatic control over bell ringing. To  complement these products and the needs of customers who require them, we have also started importing a wide range of sturdy aluminium ladders and scaffoldings which are distributed to local ironmongery shops.


Our business is extended to also servicing and repairing any electronic equipment we supply our customers, so that we remain in contact with customers, caring and supplying parts for our products over the years.


GSC Trading is unlike any other company - our business is unique and our clients are unique and for all these years we have been fortunate in serving them. Contact us today and join our client base of esteemed and happy customers.






Audio Equipment:






We supply ironmongery stores.